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Note: The reports included are for educational purposes only and should not be used as financial advice.

In This Section

You will find reports and tools to help explore Theta network.

The reports are intended to help identify trends within local snapshots taken of the Theta network's staking data.

Staking Reports

ThetaWatch compiles reports a little differently than other sites: In addition to analyzing the Guardian Nodes themselves, we also look at the source wallets where the staked tokens originate.

Node Reports

Stakes by Source Wallet Amt.

Updated Apr. 23, 2021

Explorer a test report. Displays guardian node data organized by source wallet amount. Overlays pending withdrawal amounts on same dataset.


Pull Stake Data

Updated Apr. 23, 2021

Currently for admin use only. This triggers the ingest of Node Data into our local Database, enabling comparison of historical data and the creation of custom reports.


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Questions, Comments, Suggestions?

Updated Apr. 23, 2021

Use our contact page to get in touch. Feel free to reach out with suggestions on additions, edits, subtractions, or comments. I am always happy to connect with the community, but it may take a few days for a response.


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