Easily Analyze & Explore Theta's
Node Data Snapshots

In This Section

ThetaWatch uses the Theta Explorer API to archive snapshots of network node data. Here, you can easily search and filter these snapshots for your own needs.

Data Snapshots are generated as needed and stored in an off-chain database.
Standardized Tools are provided to simplify any search/print/download/charting needs.

Theta Stats at a Glance

This stats at a glance section is meant to expand as the community requests more analysis that can be simplified with a standardized dashboard.

The current stats are a proof of concept to demonstrate integrations with the Explorer API.

Methodology: Explorer API integration directly requests supply data.

Node Staking Reports

In addition to analyzing snapshots of Guardian Nodes on the Theta Network, this report also looks at the source wallets where the staked tokens originate.

This report can be used to identify trends and opportunities where wallet sizes change over time.

Methodology: Explorer API integration pulls node data into local database for analysis.

Local Snapshot

Guardian Nodes Report

Updated 2021-12-01

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